775 MW RWE TURCAS Denizli Power Station Project

775 MW RWE TURCAS Denizli Power Station Project

775 MW RWE TURCAS Denizli Power Station Project

Within the scope of the contract signed with METKA & Power Projects, the erection works of RWE-Turcas, Denizli 775 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant project;

  • 2 pieces 285 MW Siemens SGT5-4000F Gas Turbine-Generator, Auxiliary Systems, Mechanical installation of Air Intake,
  • Mechanical installation of 1 263 MW Siemens SST5-5000 Steam Turbine Generator Auxiliary Systems has been completed under the supervision of Siemens and Metka & Power Projects.


  • Power plant water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, condensate polishing plant, oil separators, sanitary system and indoor overhead crane assembly,
  • 1 150 ton 25 ton and 12,5 ton ceiling crane for power plant room; 2 × 25 ton roof crane for steam turbine; All electro-mechanical turnkey installation of 1 5-ton ceiling crane for warehouse building, static and dynamic tests were completed with TÜV Inspector.

Our completed BOP works;

  • Gas distribution line: Piping works between Boiler 1 – Boiler 2 and condansate tank with nitrogen manifold and storage system,
  • Sampling system: Installation of tubing stainless pipelines between HP / IP / LP drums and reheat steam lines and sampling unit,
  • Dosing system: Installation of dosing pipe system between chemical dosing unit and HP / IP and LP drums and condansate polishing system,
  • Control fluid system: Installation of hydraulic oil lines between hydraulic supply unit and steam turbine governor valves,
  • Waste water treatment system: Pump, filter assembly and piping of waste water treatment building,
  • Water treatment system: Pump, tank and filter installations of the water treatment building.
  • HDPE, PPR, PVC and stainless system piping.


  • SIEMENS SGT5-4000F gas turbines, SST5-5000 steam turbines, generators and all auxiliary systems cold and hot commissioning of the installation are carried out by the employer METKA S.A. and the SIEMENS commissioning team.
  • Construction and disassembly of various temporary plastic circuits for waste water pool, temporary chemical treatment unit, temporary demin water reserve tanks and their connections (Plastic pipelines have been realized with certified plastic welders and plastic welding machines of our company.) butt welding machines)
  • Flushing of boilers and supply circuits
    • Dismantling and temporary blanking of all actuators on the piping system
    • Dismantling of check valves and swing check valves in lines
    • Cleaning of boiler modules and circuits with steam and hydrochloric acid taken from the temporarily installed steam boiler (Step 1)
    • Ammonia application (2nd stage)
    • Disposal of hydrochloric acid and ammonia wastes with feed water (3rd stage)
    • Reassembly of previously disassembled actuators and check valve flaps
  • Flushing in closed loop cooling lines
    • Temporary piping to Finnish fan cooling unit
    • Gas turbines Lube Oil Cooling Unit, Steam Turbine Lube Oil Cooling Unit, Generator Coolers, Feeding and Condensate Pumps by-pass to the entrance of the lines cleaning
  • Main steam lines, hotbox and ACC (Air Cooled Condenser) units steam-blow works
    • Temporary piping for main steam lines, hotbox and ACC unit Steam-Blow
    • Disassembly of HP turbine HP stop and control valves, disassembly of IP stop and control valves,
    • HRH-1 / HRH-2 / LP Disassembly of Steam By-Pass valves and installation of blow-out tools
    • Construction and assembly of stainless steel orifices of various sizes (according to particle results)
    • Steam-blowing of main steam lines
    • Steam blow of hotbox unit
    • Production and installation of 3 blinds for ACC unit (326 ”)
    • ACC unit steam-blowing
    • Gradually dismantling the blind during steam blow-up
    • Re-assembly of HP stop and control valves,
    • Re-assembly of IP stop and control valves,
    • Reassembly of HRH-1 / HRH-2 / LP Steam By-Pass valves
  • Water treatment unit, condensate polishing unit, waste water treatment unit and sanitary system commissioning works
  • Installation of HRSG-1 / HRSG-2 spray valves and Cold Reheat spray valves
  • Testing and flushing of emergency flushing skids in the service water line
  • Field operation activities Dosing and sampling activities during commissioning of the units
    • Fault detection and elimination of detected faults
    • Inspection, maintenance and replacement of all valve seals
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