Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy


Providing Maintenance, Repair and Installation services for the energy sector,

While performing our productions for the Defense Industry,

To meet the expectations of our customers and related parties,

To give priority to Occupational Health and Safety and

In the energy sector, the defense industry, Turkey’s aim to become a leading provider.

To achieve this goal, we are committed to the following policies.

Quality Policy of PROTERM ENERGY

  • To carry out and continuously improve our system in accordance with the requirements of Quality Management System Standards,
  • To act in accordance with legal and other conditions in our production and services,
  • To increase the quality of our Production and Service to the highest level and to continuously increase customer satisfaction,
  • To enrich the personal knowledge and skills of our employees,
  • To continuously improve and improve our methods and methods by following scientific researches and technological developments,
  • To bring our company to a leading position at home and abroad,
  • Always adhere to business ethics and professional principles.

PROTERM ENERGY’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • To carry out and continuously improve our system in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard requirements.
  • To comply with the legal and other conditions in force and to continuously improve,
  • To keep occupational health and safety primarily important in all circumstances, to create a safe and healthy workplace for protection from incidents (accidents, injuries, etc.) and occupational diseases,
  • Supporting our contractors, subcontractors, employees and employees as top management for the participation and consultations of our employees to eliminate hazards and reduce OHS risks, and to ensure continuous improvement with the training of interested parties,
  • To ensure that our occupational health and safety system is maintained at the international standards level and to achieve zero occupational accidents and zero occupational diseases.
  • To closely follow the technological developments in the field of occupational health and safety and to adapt to our structure.