Çolakoğlu Group Ova Electric Gas Turbine Major Maintenance

Çolakoğlu Group Ova Electric Gas Turbine Major Maintenance
Çolakoğlu Ova Electric
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Dilovası Kocaeli
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General Electric gas tube major maintenance works at Ova Elektrik 250 MW combined cycle power plant were completed under Ova Elektrik and GE supervision. The works are as follows : > Disassembly of Enclosure,> Disassembly and maintenance of main gas line stop valve,> Disassembly of combustion chamber burner nozzles,> Cleaning and measurement of IGV blades,> Exhaust hole welding repair works,> Disassembly and pressure tests of gas and diesel fuel pipes,> Compressor blow-off line disassembly,> Gas turbine outer casings disassembly,> Gas turbine rotor disassembly,> Exhaust diffuser gas router disassembly and maintenance,> Gas turbine heat plates and blade dismantling works,> Turbine lower stator TVC blade and heat plates disassembly and maintenance ,> Dismantling and maintenance of bearing upper and lower caps,> Dismantling of lubrication lines,> Dismantling and modification of turbine blades,> Gas turbine, casings and all auxiliary equipment after maintenance,> Gas turbine coupling adjustment,> Generator cooler connections completed .